About Mehram

Merhram is a Punjabi general interest magazine with editions covering national & international events on politics, sports, religion, literature, entertainment & many more. It is Punjabi one & only magazine with vast readership base in Punjab, whole of northern India & places in India & abroad where there are Punjabis.


Mehram Journey

Started by Mr B S Bir (Founder & Editor-in-cheif) in 1983, it has travelled a long journey & has touched millions of Punjabi hearts with its fair & authentic content. It was designed as no other magazine was covering Punjabi culture, traditions & above said issues. Till date, its journey exceeding 3 decades it has no other competitors & maintains monopoly in Punjabi world. The readership base is increasing with every passing day.

Recent Years

In 1999 & 2008, special issues with whooping 300 pages were taken out dedicated to 300-birth centenary of Khalsa. Every year in a month of January an annual edition is take out. This magazine is unfailingly fair & balanced having moral & democratic values attached to it. The authors have free hands in expressive themselves which contributes to the strength of the magazine.



It has strong content with combination of reporting, photographs, graphics & general analysis. All this makes it a glassy clears authentic in easy to read Punjabi magazine. The special issues are always an attraction to Punjabi readers having unbiased & relevant knowledge on all current topics of the society.

It is based on, “Give to the society which you want for yourself & you will be successful.”